What are the Pros of a Discount Real Estate Agent?

‘For Sale By Owner’ form of home selling idea has been tremendously popular all across the US, however, people those who are not well familiar with the procedure, should note, this can be extremely challenging and hectic endeavor, which requires planning, paperwork, marketing, meeting customers and expertise in negotiation. Market report shows clearly, whereas FSBO has become a hit in realty market for many home sellers, for numerous people the experience is frustrating due to project failure or loss. Therefore, be wise and play on the safe-side while you can effectively avoid paying high commission by hiring services of discount real estate agent in California, and discount realty in California.

The Discount Realtor Business Model

In the real estate market, you can find a raging tag-of-war among traditional brokerages and discount real estate agent in California and discount realty in California since a large number of home sellers now decide to sell their home through discount brokers. Well, discount brokers are the latest market trend who, at everyone’ surprise, has introduced the latest business model in the industry. They are, in essence, the real estate brokers and companies intended to charge low commission rate over the traditional ones with a view to earn higher traffic that leads to higher income. Thus, the equation is very simple; get less commission from home sellers and reach volume. On the contrary, the extra earning scope of the scheme for home sellers has made it a market buzz.

6 Pros of Working with Discount Real Estate Agents

Reduced Commission

The primary benefit of working with discount realtors is obviously that you can end up with a decent deal paying much less than a traditional realty broker or company. They charge you a commission ranging between 2% – 4.5 % depending on the kind of services given which is a real bargain.

Malty Listing Services

MLS service is one, that has made discount realtors top demanding in the real estate industry. MSL is a new generation web based marketing tool and once listed in the network, your property can be viewed with details of specification to local as well as overseas homebuyers. Thus, your property gets maximum exposure to buyers from all classes intended to relocate or invest in properties.

Fast Sale

The whole idea of discount realty market is less earning with volume of sales that let them earn substantial end of the day. This instinct makes them hungrier for money and hard working to sell their client’s property. So long the quantity of successful deals being the core of the business model for brokers, customers are typically getting their properties sold faster than ever.


In essence, discount brokers offer a series of services such as displaying the property to customer, taking part in negotiation, customer background screening and so on. In case, it is not your first-time home sales and you have self-confidence to talk to clients, devote time for showing your property and can negotiate, just by evading some of these services enable you to bargain further on commission front.


By dodging services provided by discount realtor, many seasoned home sellers often reduce their commission rate at the level of 1.5% even. A saving of 0.5% on your property value is quite substantial, which you can invest toward home renovation before listing, hiring professional photographer as well as for decorating your new home.

High Price

Another plus point of hiring services of discount real estate agent in California and discount realty in California is that they offer a win-win deal making it moneymaking for both. Whereas, the commission is relatively low, the agents put their best endeavor to fetch higher prices with an idea to earn more. With this, as they can get higher income by selling your property in higher price, you also become a winner even after paying more bucks.

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